Moneymaking Opportunity – Forever 21 Gift Cards

Forever 21 cards are back at a deeply discounted rate of 17% off from GiftCardBin.  I am usually able to sell these at around 7% and after seller fees this is around a 5% profit.

Link to Offer

Fee Free Staples Visa Gift Card $200 + 5x on Chase Ink

Staples is offering a $200 Visa gift card with no purchase fee (savings of $6.95) in store only between 9/2/18 – 9/8/18.  Maximum 1 per customer.

This is an easy way to earn 1,000 Ultimate Reward points with the Chase Ink Cash card which are worth $15 in travel when paired with the Sapphire Reserve.

The key here is being able to liquidate these cards.  I like to load them into paypal and buy gift cards to some of my favorite vendors, then I typically use or sell those gift cards.  Don’t forget Ebay takes paypal and is also a good site to buy discount gift cards via paypal digital gifts.

Ebay Gift Cards For Sale

Moneymaking Opportunity -Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

Cardcookie is currently offering Barnes and Noble cards at 17% off

Link to Offer

I have never tried buying or selling these cards but plan to list on Raise which are being offered at around 5% off.  This could be a profit opportunity of over 5% using my 3% cashback Alliant card.  I will update on how this goes or if I can sell them.

**Update – I have already sold these on Raise (2 hours later).  They list these immediately.

What cards are in my Wallet?

A lot.

First I will go through my spending categories and then tell you which cards I have in addition:

Everyday Non Bonus Spend:  Alliant Credit Union 3% cashback card – but this is a promotion for only the first year of the card at which point it drops down to 2.50% with a $59/yr fee.  I plan on either downgrading or cancelling this card and then using my Amex Blue Business Plus card which earns 2x membership points on all purchases and when paired with my Charles Schwab Amex Platinum I earn an additional 1.25x in cashback when depositing into my Schwab bank account so this equates to 2.50% on all purchases with no annual fee.

Dining and Travel: Chase Sapphire Reserve the godfather of rewards cards earns me 3x Ultimate Reward points on dining and travel and then another 1.5x on towards travel on the back end rounding out to 4.50%.

Strategic Gift Card Purchases: Chase Ink Business Cash earns me 5x Ultimate Rewards on vendors such as Swych, Gyft, Staples, and my internet bill.  Again on the back end I earn 1.5x toward travel via my Sapphire Reserve so this rounds out to 7.50%.

Rotating Bonus Categories: Chase Freedom earns me 5x on quarterly bonus categories such as Walgreens, Paypal, and sometimes travel in general up to $1500 per quarter.  If I max these out I get 7,500 ultimate rewards points per quarter which is equal to $112.50 in travel dollars.

Phone Bill and Venmo: Chase Ink Business Preferred which I used to use on Plastiq as well but that coding has dissapeared.  This cards earns 3x on my phone bill and also includes phone insurance, 3x on venmo which charges 3% on credit card transactions.  However, the back end earns me 1.50% so these purchases round to 4.50% rewards towards travel.

Amazon Purchases: I have the Synchrony Amazon Store Card which offers 5% cash back on ALL Amazon purchases

Other Cards: American Express Charles Schwab Platinum offers perks such as Centurion Lounge access, Delta Sky Club access that I enjoy.  In addition to a 1.25x on Amex points when used to cash out into a Schwab account.  I also have Delta Gold Business which earned me a hefty sign up bonus and offers priority boarding and a free checked bag on all Delta flights.  Delta has a huge hub for me in NYC at JFK airport so this works well.  The Hyatt Hotel Credit Card is one I am debating cancelling for Starwood but in the meantime this card offers me discoverist status which hasn’t done too much for me but I have described in prior posts.

Hyatt Discoverist Status = M Life Pearl Status

In a previous post I mentioned how I was planning on cancelling my Hyatt card because of the $75 fee which gives you automatic Discoverist status.  I have started to rethink this mainly because of my trip to the Borgata in Atlantic City this summer.

download (1)

Since Hyatt and M Life have a partnership I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was Pearl status through M Life.  This allowed me to save $10 in valet parking for the weekend, gave me “special” rates for my stay (I paid around $180/night at the Water Club and received a high floor room), and I also got a $10 players credit that I applied to my room bill at checkout.

These perks certainly don’t blow me away but it might be worth rethinking keeping the Hyatt card if I am planning more stays at the Borgata in the future.




Gyft Promo $60 in Nike Cards for $50 + 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards

Another solid Nike gift card deal from Gyft

The Offer

Buy a $50 Nike Gift Card and get a Bonus $10 Card with the code NIKEAUG.

Key Terms

  • Promotional offer is only valid until 11:59PM PT August 31, 2018.
  • Promotional code NIKEAUG must be applied at checkout to receive the $10 bonus card.
  • Offer is only valid on a $50 or more Nike Gift Card purchased through Gyft.
  • Promo code can be redeemed 5 times per household/account while supplies last.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Valid while supplies last. 
If you want to sell these on Raise I am seeing them trade around 9-10% off which after seller fees would net you around 4-5% profit or around $10.00 in travel when using the promo 5 times.

Amex SPG Business Card Review 100,000 Sign Up Bonus

I am debating cancelling my Hyatt card and switching to the Amex SPG Business Card.  The reason for this is because of the 100,000 sign up bonus for Marriott/SPG points after spending $5,000 in three months.  I value this sign up bonus at a minimum of $750, here are a couple of data points:

  • $95 yearly fee but waived first year
  • Free night every year at a property up to 35,000 points per night
    • 35,000 point properties are nothing fancy but if you look hard enough you can find diamond in the rough
  • I like the Amex business cards because for the most part there is NO hard credit pull and an instant application decision
  • The card comes with automatic silver status and I am excited to pair this with my Amex Platinum card which actually gives me Gold status – even better

So my thinking when cancelling the Hyatt card is that I am not going to be using it to spend $15,000 for the extra free night because I get more bang for my buck on non bonus spend with the Chase Freedom Unlimited or Amex Blue Business Plus.  I also don’t need a free night from Hyatt every year if I can get one from Starwood which has many more hotel options.  At this point I am really just spending $75/yr (Hyatt card fee) simply for discoverist status which I never thought was that great.  I never got an upgraded room (maybe free water once?).

In essence I am going to cancel my Hyatt card before the yearly fee, get the SPG card with a waived first year fee and get 100,000 free points.  Makes sense to me.

Link to application

Moneymaking Opportunity – Buying Forever 21 cards from GiftCardBin


Anytime I see Forever 21 cards at 17% off I grab them.  Cardcash has recently raised prices on them to abround 11% so that has been unfortunate.  However, GiftCardBin is in the game now offering the cards at 17% off.  I can flip these on raise for between 6-7% for a return of around 3.82% or $6.35 using my Alliant 3% cashback card.

Link to Deal

Moneymaking Opportunity – Buy Home Depot Card on Swych (5x on Chase Ink)


Swych is offering 10% off all gift cards using promo code extra10 (one time use up to $200).  Use your Chase Ink Cash via paypal to get 5x ultimate rewards and buy a $200 Home Depot card for $180 and you can unload this on for about 0.50% off.  HomeDepot cards trade very well on Raise for low discounts.  After seller fees I am seeing a profit of around 6.35% or $11.43.

Not bad!