Why the Capital One Venture card Hotels.com benefit is not worth it

The Capital One Venture card currently has a promotion through January 2020.  You will receive 10x points when booking travel on Hotels.com.  Keep in mind you have to use the Capital One specific portal so you cannot earn any additional cashback through shopping portals.  While this is not a bad deal its not a reason to get the card, here’s why:

There are many discount gift card websites offering between 5-10% off Hotels.com gift cards pretty much all the time.  Currently Gift Card Zen is offering them at 7.50% off.

Link to Deal

What’s great about Hotels.com gift cards is that you can combine them easily right on the Hotels.com website so no need to worry about finding one gift card that fits your purchase amount.

Next when using TopCashback.com you can get an additional 2% using their portal when booking using gift cards on Hotels.com.

Link to TopCashback

Lastly, whatever card you use to purchase the gift card initially will get you at least 2% cashback so lets do a final comparison on a $1000 purchase using my Alliant 3% cashback card.

 $            1,000.00  $                 1,000.00
Cap One Discount Gift Card
Price  $            1,000.00  Price 7.5% off  $                     925.00
Pts/Cashback                    10,000 Pts/Cashback  $                       27.75
Pt worth  $               100.00 Portal Cashback  $                       18.50
Final Cost  $               900.00 Final Cost  $                     878.75

As you can see by buying discount gift cards you are saving over $20 on this purchase or getting a 12.10% discount versus the Cap One 10% discount.

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