$10 free Nike Gift Card with purchase of $50 Nike Card (Gyft) + 5x with Ink

Gyft is offering $10 free Nike Gift Card with the purchase of a $50 Nike card.  This is basically 16.50% off a $60 Nike Gift card.  The Chase Ink Cash card will also earn you 5x points using this purchase with Paypal.

This is a great deal and if you don’t want to redeem this card for Nike products you can sell on Raise for about 7.5% after selling fees and getting the 5x points thats a return of about 6.11%.

Link to Offer


Great Gift Card Deal – P.F. Changs 50% Off

I always love pointing out really great gift card deals.  I have found multiple 50% off gift card discounts for P.F. Changs from Bargain Gift Cards  .  From my experience this is a very reliable seller who gurantees their cards for 30 days.  I would suggest redeeming these for full value at the restaurant but if you can’t you can sell these on Raise.com for around 15% off and when using my 3% cashback Alliant credit card and after selling fees I am yielding a 50% profit or around $12.00.

Excellent Points Redemption Hyatt – Miami

I am writing another post about a great point redemption in Miami for a one night stay in mid January.  Again, I am just looking for a quick less than 24 hour stay in Miami away from the hustle and bustle but still at a nice hotel that I can enjoy and feel like I am on vacation.  My discover is the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables at 12,000 points per night.  Compare this to a hotel rate of at least $270/night after taxes and you’ve got an excellent 2.25x multiple on your points (compare to The Points Guy 1.8x multiple for Hyatt).  My stay is also during the week so I would imagine a weekend night at 12,000 would yield you an even better multiple.

Excellent Marriott/SPG Points Redemption – Miami

I am planning on staying in Miami for one night in mid January before driving down to Key West for a 3 night trip.  I did not see the necessity to stay in Miami beach as I will be just getting out of the airport at about 3pm and then leaving the next morning.  I wanted a Marriott/Starwood hotel to take advantage of my Gold status provided by the Amex Platinum and found the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove.


The hotel rate was just about $600 and the marriott point redemption rate?  35,000 points per night.  This is a whopping 1.71x multiple on my points (The Point Guy currently values Marriott/Starwood points at 0.90x).  This is one of the best multiples I have seen for a marriott property and while this may be just outside mainstream Miami in Coconut Grove I am sure I will still enjoy my stay at the Ritz.

Free $10 Newegg gift card with purchase of $50 hotels.com gift card

Newegg.com is offering a bonus $10 gift card with the purchase of a $50 Hotels.com card on their site.  Up to 2 times.

Link to Offer

I don’t really see any resale value in Hotels.com cards because most sites don’t accept them for resale or only offer deeply discounted prices to buy them.  This is a good deal is you use Hotels.com.  I would also advise using a cashback portal for Newegg where you can earn an additional 1-1.5% cashback.

Moneymaking Opportunity – Nike Gift Cards and 5x

Swych is currently offering a discount on Nike gift cards using promo code “fitness”.  You must select a $50 denomination card using the switch app which will get you $60 worth.

This comes out to around 16.5% off plus using your Chase Ink Cash card you will earn 5x points.  If you wanted to sell these on Raise I am seeing a profit of around 4-6%.